Previously I talked about making my own alarm clock with a salvaged display from old alarm clock that was breaking down. Today I finally made the electrical circuit with Fritzing. The problem I had was that the Fritzing part of the Led Display Driver didn’t match with the actual datasheet. So I used the Fritzing part as a reference for now.

The second problem I faced and where I still haven’t found a solution for is the Led display. In Fritzing there were only single Led displays and not one that is combined, so I used that. And then I found out that the Led display from the old alarm clock probably isn’t going to work with the Led Display Driver. In a couple of weeks I’m going to order the parts and then we’ll find out if is going to work together nicely or if it all comes crashing down as a pile of junk.

For the wiring is used this website as a guide and reference:

Alarm clock part 2
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