I recently discovered an error with the Arduino IDE on a laptop, it was the dreaded launch4j error. It came out of nowhere and it hit us suddenly, I had 15 laptops with 3 laptops that gave the error.

The troubleshooting was rather difficult, the Operating System, Arduino IDE and Java version were the same. The solutions provided on the internet ranged from reinstalling everything to changing preferences and switching of network/bluetooth connections. And still some laptops were giving errors while others did not.

Our solution was to disable the bluetooth adapter, the only problem I faced was the Operating System. Apparently Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 have two different bluetooth settings, one in the classic control panel and one in the new Metro UI. I disabled the one in the classic view, but this didn’t disable the bluetooth adapter and I kept keeping the launch4j error, at this point I wasn’t aware of the bluetooth settings in the Metro UI.

After I discovered the bluetooth settings in the Metro UI and disabled the bluetooth adapter, the error with the Arduino IDE was resolved and the program worked like before.


Arduino launch4j error
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